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A little bit of word and numbers game and we get a great simple and short domain. The basis for creating a domain name was taken from the name of the Kalashnikov rifle model - AK-47. This machine model is in the top of the most famous and frequently mentioned machines in the world. This allows the site to stand out against the background of numerous and monotonous domain names and, which is important, it is already automatically in the top of the best. Of course, this domain is perfect for sites of weapons and military topics, but it can also be used in the field of Automobile manufacturing, Automobile sales, Auto parts and service.

    EXTRA SHORT LENGTH - the length of the name of this domain up to .com is only 4 characters. Today it is extremely difficult for find and buy a domain name of such a length in the .com domain zone. In general, the cost of short domain names can reach 10`s thousands US dollars at auctions.
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